Bali is perhaps the most famous of the roughly 18,000 islands that comprise the Indonesian archipelago. The beautiful exotic destination is known as the Island of the Gods. This name refers to the profusion of Hindu temples found in Bali. They vary from simple household temples to huge, richly-decorated historic monuments.

The huge number of temples on Bali can appear to outnumber the local population. They are set amidst a varied natural landscape that ranges from verdant mountains to achingly beautiful sandy beaches and awesome rugged coastlines.

Laced throughout this tropical splendor there exists a unique local culture. The contemporary local traditions and way of life have grown out of an incredible history, the archaeological and cultural remains of which provide some of the most memorable aspects of Bali.

Many holidaymakers are drawn to Bali by the simple yet attractive combination of fantastic tropical weather and beautiful beaches. Bali has so much more to offer, however. Though the sand and surf here are indeed world-class (Bali boasts several of the greatest surf breaks in the world), many visitors are charmed by the placid ways of the locals, whether in busy resorts or in rural villages.

The spiritualism of Bali is a huge attraction for many visitors. Bali is a little pocket of Hinduism in a country that is largely Muslim. However, Balinese Hinduism is markedly different from that of its origins and is heavily influenced by Javanese culture. Wherever you go in Bali, you encounter the color and culture illustrated by daily religious practices, music, dance, clothing and art.

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